Another day where everything but my health is taken into consideration, car tires needed changing which as we know costs an arm and a leg. Had to borrow money from my dad and wait for the tires to arrive from another branch which was annoying, time which could of been used for prep.

No point putting up a food diary for the day as I hardly ate anything, not good!

Breakfast was 4 sausages, 4 bacon and a white roll 😦 rubbish, for dinner my mum took pity on me and make me a huge roast with roast pork which was really nice but again can’t work out the macros and the portion size is way too big.

Spent all day in the garden digging and stuff so at least I got some good cardio 🙂 and my fair share of vitamin D


Anyway, writing this a day late, and I’m slowly getting the ball rolling so, that’s all for day 4

Peace, Love and Muscles




That day sucked haha, not a great start. As the title says, the creases need to be ironed out. Work took too much of my time, and because i had not prepped my meals i was picking up ready meals which were still kinda healthy, but not ideal. Macro’s need to more strict. Got to make sure I don’t eat anything that i cant count the macros.

So here’s the scenario, Im skint for the next week haha talk about challenging, So its going to be pasta’s and other filling (but not ideal carbs) foods. I just gotta work with what i’ve got. we will see after my prep tomoz whether i have any interesting, half-healthy dishes to share on here.

So food diary is another disgraceful day, like i said yesterday I need to utilize my time but anyway here it is:-


Not enough good macros, the breakfast is the ingredients for protein pancakes.

No gym today so thats a bummer, just because i havent sorted my time out.

But heres the progress pics


Im gunna cut this short tonight,


Peace, Love and muscles